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PRP AKA Vampire Facelift Treatment

PRP AKA Vampire Facelift Treatment

PRP Facial Treatment Center in Dearborn, MI

Laser Duet Med Spa Offers PRP Combined with Microneedling to Help Regenerate and Rejuvenate Your Skin.

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PRP Facial Treatment Center in Dearborn, MI

PRP for Cosmetics: A Comprehensive Guide

A procedure that has been used successfully for years to heal sports injuries is now gaining huge popularity for the same reasons athletes chose it: because of its organic nature and because it works! PRP uses plasma taken from a patient’s own blood, instead of chemicals injected into the body, in order to restore youthful rejuvenation and a younger, more beautiful look.

The treatment has become popularly known as the PRP, or Platelet-Rich Plasma, Facelift (also trademarked under the name “Vampire Facelift” by Dr. Runels) thanks to one celebrity, Kim Kardashian, who tried and recommended the procedure thus giving it its nickname.

PRP Treatment – Backed by Science

The National Institutes of Health site mentions many articles from several medical journals on experiments of the PRP procedure.

For one, there’s a well-known study in the Journal of Drugs Dermatology. One such experiment (May, 2010) stretched out of three entire months where 23 patients were given PRP treatment each month one time. This PRP treatment was combined using an alternate activating agent. This final mixture was then injected into the patients (face & neck area).

Images were taken of the experiment’s participants before and after their respective treatments. After a final evaluation was conducted on each of the patients during the last month of the experiment (month 3), the study conclusively detailed how the results were undoubtedly ‘satisfactory’ in the sense that all goals were achieved as well as having patients receive no long-term or even any serious side effects at all. This conclusion was corroborated by several other studies on the site.

Real Results

Most women who leave reviews about their own PRP treatment on a well-known and credible website called mention extremely satisfactory results with their treatment. About, it’s a site that allows female patients to share experienced about surgeries, among them cosmetic procedures. The patients are also allowed to leave feedback, comments, and reviews about the particular surgeon who conducted their surgery.

Regarding PRP treatments related to cosmetics in particular, one patient even mentioned that her results lasted over 4 months. Another mentioned that her skin was ‘glowing’ and had long-lasting firmness of skin after almost 6 weeks post-op. Many, many reports like these litter the RealSelf website and such positive reviews significantly outnumber the negative.

If you’re not using PRP and Microneedling you’re missing out

There are many studies that have shown the positive outcomes of combining PRP treatments with microneedling procedures. Several studies, including one conducted in the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery, sought to compare the efficacy of combining PRP with other well-known aesthetic procedures. One such treatment that reported highly effective results with PRP was microneedling.

When conducting further investigation in fact, most women who have used the PRP-Microneedling combination report excellent results that not only last longer, but look better than having solely PRP cosmetic treatment. One plastic surgeon, Dr. Lisa Zdinak, a plastic surgeon at Precision Aesthetics, explains how the plasma inside PRP helps a patient’s own skin to stimulate the growth of more collagen which means procedures like microneedling can be far more effective than when each treatment, PRP or microneedling alone, are conducted without the other.

Combining PRP with Fractional Laser

Another such combination that has reported excellent results when combined with PRP treatment is fractional laser treatment. To illustrate, in one such study conducted by fellows in the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery, 22 woman took part in an experiment that put together the 2 treatments – Fractional Laser and PRP. These female patients were assessed both before and after the experiment which had the active group receive a combination of PRP & fractional laser, while the control group had solely fractional laser treatments. The group with the combined treatments showed far more effective results. There are many, many other studies that confirm these findings. This includes customer & patient surveys, blind clinical evaluations, and even skin biopsies.

PRP Treatment – Long Lasting

Female patients who’ve had PRP facelift procedures conducted to them have found their faces to have an extremely more attractive and younger look far into post-treatment, such as 3-4 months after they’ve undergone the procedure they notice continuing improvement. To explain the long duration of continued improved with PRP, the plasma inside the injected PRP helps a patient with several things such as to produce more collagen, give birth to new cells, and rejuvenate the skin. However, giving birth to new skin cells and having these new, rejuvenated, re-invigorated cells grow enough to be noticed, this is a weeks-long process that may take up to three months or more!

This means that instead of having someone grow ‘older’, PRP treatment allows a patient to grow ‘younger’!

PRP for Cosmetic Treatments – Just Why Aren’t There any Side Effects?

PRP helps your body to generate new cells wherever it’s injected. It helps your body, face, and anywhere else it’s injected to heal old, dying cells. It does this in a completely natural way, from your own plasma! Therefore, since the entire process is natural, and since the main ingredient in PRP cosmetic treatments is the PRP, which comes from your own body, there are little-to-no side effects and you’ll NEVER have an allergic reaction since you can’t be allergic to what’s already from your own body.

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