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Picoway Laser Tattoo Removal Specialist Questions and Answers

Do you have an unwanted tattoo or part of a tattoo you want to get rid of? Come to Laser Duet for our Picoway laser tattoo removal treatment. Call us today or book an appointment. Our clinic is conveniently located at 15238 W Warren Ave Ste #A, Dearborn, MI 48126.

Picoway Laser Tattoo Removal Specialist Near Me in Dearborn, MI

Tattoos are a fun way to express yourself and wear your art on your sleeve. But unlike tattoos, people change. Rather than regret past experiences or choices, it is important to embrace this change and apply it to our lives. Sometimes this comes in the form of laser tattoo removal treatments, which have the potential to significantly fade, or even completely remove, tattoos.

What is laser tattoo removal?

Laser tattoo removal is a treatment that fades the pigmentation of tattoos, allowing the ink to be broken down by the body. The specific type of laser we use for tattoo removal at Laser Duet is a PicoWay laser.

PicoWay is an FDA-cleared laser that uses picosecond technology for tattoo removal. Although PicoWay is primarily used for its tattoo and pigment removal capabilities, it is now also used for the treatment of acne scars and wrinkles.

PicoWay is unique because it has the shortest pulse durations of any picosecond laser available for aesthetic use. PicoWay offers effective treatments with low to no downtime following treatment, allowing clients to continue their day-to-day activities right away.

How many sessions will it take to remove a tattoo?

Many tattoos require between five and ten laser tattoo removal treatments, depending on size and darkness. Tattoos that are larger in size and ones that have darker areas will take up to the ten sessions, whereas smaller tattoos and ones with lighter colors may be closer to five sessions. It is safe to assume that each tattoo being treated will require a number of treatments somewhere within this range. However, this is a general answer and may not apply to every situation because the laser removal of tattoos depends on several different factors.

How long should you wait between treatments?

The minimum time required between laser tattoo removal treatments is around six to eight weeks for most patients, with lighter complexions closer to the six week mark and darker complexions closer to the eight week mark. This amount of time is required to allow the body’s immune system to flush away ink as well as sufficient time for the skin to heal between treatments. Receiving the treatments too close together does not allow the body enough time to remove the ink that was broken down at the most recent session and can cause damage and permanent side effects to the skin. For ideal results, it may be recommended to wait up to three months between treatments.

How long is recovery for laser tattoo removal?

The recovery period for many laser treatments is several weeks, however this is different with PicoWay. The PicoWay laser uses ultra-short pulses that cause a ‘photoacoustic’ effect that avoids heating the skin, whereas other laser tattoo removal treatments use a ‘photothermal’ effect that heats the skin and causes downtime, such as scarring and blisters. After the initial PicoWay laser treatment, the body will continue to carry away and break down the ink throughout the first week. The skin’s pigmentation will begin to fade during this stage of tattoo removal. Even though you may not see an immediate difference, during this time the body carries away a significant portion of the ink that the laser broke down during the treatment session. In each week that follows (until about six to eight weeks), the body will continue to carry away some ink, with smaller amounts removed each passing week until the next laser session.

In order to ensure that your body’s immune system removes the ink properly and quickly, it is important to drink plenty of water, exercise regularly, and avoid smoking.

Can you completely remove a tattoo by laser treatment?

Many tattoos can be completely removed with a series of laser treatments. Larger and darker tattoos may still be slightly noticeable, however they will be significantly faded, with many smaller ones gone completely.

If you have an unwanted tattoo, it’s time for change. Come to Laser Duet for our PicoWay laser tattoo removal treatment today. We can help you remove any unwanted tattoos. Call us today to book an appointment. We look forward to serving you! We serve patients from Dearborn MI, Melvindale MI, River Rouge MI, Allen Park MI, Lincoln Park MI, Dearborn Heights MI, and Ecorse MI.